Bio: Hi, I'm Rosanna! I'm a twenty something who was born in Hampshire, spent most of my childhood in Somerset, and most of my adult years to date in Newcastle with a gap year in Versailles, France. I'm a scientist by trade; I have recently finished a PhD in cancer research, but I have always loved to bake in when I'm not working. Cake is also great PhD fuel and a good way to convince people to help you out at work! I also love the outdoors - cycling, hiking, jogging - partly for the thinking time and beautiful scenery, but partly an excuse to eat more cake. Although I baked quite a bit in my teenage years and as an undergraduate, I think my passion for baking was really catalysed during my year as an au pair in Versailles. I fell in love with the patisseries; the rows of canelΓ©, Paris-Brests, the macarons of every colour imaginable. I fell in love with the boulangeries; having to choose between the crusty, chewy baguette tradition, or a soft normal baguette, every customer specifying their preference of well done (bien-cuite) or not too baked (pas trop cuite, s'il vous plait!). When I returned to the UK, and access to such delights was not so easy, I decided I would have to learn to bake them myself. This blog was started in 2014 when I challenged myself to make a new bake every month (the twelve month recipe challenge). My rate of posting hit a slight lull when I was a bit time pressured during my PhD, but I am now back posting! Enjoy!

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